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Complementary expertise in regulatory consulting, distributor allocation and fundraising.

Our Mission

Help life-science companies, planning to commercialize pharmaceuticals and medical devices worldwide, shorten their reimbursement process, minimize costs and maximize revenues.

With a chain of over 30 reimbursement consultants throughout the USA and Europe, and with more than 150 clients worldwide, Mediclever assumes full responsibility for the reimbursement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, from early strategy development to the establishment of specific reimbursement codes, payment rates and favorable coverage.

Mediclever reimbursement consultants have experience in developing reimbursement strategies, preparing value dossiers and other value communication tools, performing pricing and reimbursement assessments, creating tools for health economic modeling and developing market access strategies.

Reimbursement Consultants

Senior Reimbursement Consultant, USA

Richard K. Baer, M.D., has served as Contract Medical Director for the Medicare Recovery Auditor for Region A in the northeast United States. Prior to that role, he was the Medical Director for the Medicare RAC Validation Contractor.

Dr Baer was formerly the Lead Medical Director for National Government Services (NGS), one of the nation’s largest Medicare administrative contractors (MAC). At NGS Dr. Baer had responsibilities for oversight of all medical policy activities for Medicare Parts A and B in all states in NGS’ jurisdictions.

Dr. Baer attended the University of Illinois, Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine in Chicago and completed residency training in psychiatry at the University of Illinois Hospitals. Dr. Baer practiced psychiatry for 12 years before joining Medicare in April 1994.

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Richard K. Baer, M.D.

Senior Reimbursement Consultant, USA

Senior Reimbursement Consultant, Europe

Mr. Buschmann served as the CEO of AOK Schleswig-Holstein health insurance company between 1996 and 2005, managing approximately 1,800 employees and covering 750,000 lives under the German statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) scheme. During this time period, Mr. Buschmann succeeded in improving medical quality along with increasing effectiveness and economic efficiency within the German healthcare system.

Since the summer of 2006 Peter Buschmann heads a nationwide law firm with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

Areas of expertise include health and medical liability law, criminal, labor and corporate law with a focus in the medical field.

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Peter Buschmann

Senior Reimbursement Consultant, EU

Reimbursement Consultant, Italy

Gianluca Furneri is a market access, pricing & health economics expert with 13 years experience in market access, both from a strategic consulting (Senior Consultant at SKP) and pharmaceutical industry (Health Economics Advisor at Pfizer) perspective. As a consultant, Gianluca supported clients to define market access strategies for the launch of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Gianluca's key strengths lie within pricing and health economic modelling and has supported clients in a number of projects focused on price-revenue optimization, health technology assessment, cost-effectiveness and budget impact analysis in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics fields.

Gianluca holds a Master Degree in Health Economics and Outcome Research, at the University of Milan.

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Gianluca Furneri

Market Access, Pricing & Health Economics

Reimbursement Consultant, Italy

Ernesto Gallone Arnaboldi is an expert in Italian market access (pricing and reimbursement) on a national and a regional level.

In his role as a market access and business development director in Takeda SpA, he has led national pricing and reimbursement negotiations, as well as regional access activities, overseeing a team of 16 people. Ernesto has also previously led business development and market access in both Nycomed SpA and Grunenthal Italy, where he successfully completed national pricing and reimbursement negotiations obtaining national and regional reimbursement for opioids, respiratory and oncological drugs.

He has participated in European working groups for early market access evaluation and obtained a B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Pavia.

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Ernesto Gallone Arnaboldi

Market Access Specialist, Italy

Market Access Specialist, Spain

Carlos Del Giudice Villar is an experienced market access specialist. In his role as a senior manager for public affairs in Novo Nordisk Pharma and a senior manager market access, tenders and pricing in Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Carlos has led market access and policy affairs teams, tenders and public procurements projects, as well as lobby activities with Spanish health authorities in the national and regional level.

Working for other leading healthcare companies, such as Baxter Healthcare and Aventis Pasteur MSD, he has gained substantial experience in developing market access plans, execution and follow up in the Spanish market.

Carlos has a Master’s Degree in Public Health Policies and Vaccines from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and B.S. degree in Pharmacy from Universidad de Alcalá de Henares.

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Carlos Del Giudice

Market Access Specialist, Spain

Reimbursement Consultant Pharmaceutical Products

Neil Grubert is a pharmaceutical market access specialist with 26 years of experience tracking the global prescription drug and self-medication markets. He has authored more than 150 reports on market access, covering 20 mature and emerging markets, multiple therapeutic areas, and numerous industry issues, including a recently published study on key market access trends in Europe.

He is currently working as an independent consultant and is developing a series of multi-client training programmes in market access.

Neil previously spearheaded the development of Decision Resources Group’s international market access business, most recently as Vice President of Global Market Access Insights. He has also done contract work on early-stage market access for GlaxoSmithKline.

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Neil Grubert

Pharmaceutical Market Access Specialist

Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants, Advisor

Ferdinand Hundt is a licensed physician who worked as an anesthetist for the Klinikum der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz from 1978 until 1988 when he joined the clinical research department of Janssen GmbH, Neuss.

Since 1991 Ferdinand Hundt has held various leading positions in clinical research with Sanofi Deutschland, most recently holding the position of Director Special Projects in Berlin. Since 2013, he is active as a consultant and senior advisor.

From 1999 to 2010 he was head of the Committee Clinical Research/Quality Assurance of the Verband Forschender Arzneimittelhersteller e.V. (VfA) (Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies). He is a member of the Clinical Quality Assurance Group Germany (CQAG) and a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FFPM)/Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK), as well as a member of the Ethic Committee and the "Fortbildungsausschuss" (Committee of Continuous medical Education) of the "Landesärztekammer" Berlin (State Chamber of Physicians).

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Dr. med. Ferdinand Hundt

Clinical Research Consultant

Senior Reimbursement Consultant, Europe

Professor Dr. Igl has served as a professor at the universities of Hamburg and Kiel in Germany. His subjects are German and European social law and public law.

Prof. Dr. Igl was also a consultant of statutory health and long-term care for the Europarat, the German Federal Health and Family ministries, the Health Committee of the German Federal Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) and member of Enquete Commissions of the German Federal Parliament.

He is an expert in introducing medical products / devices into the German Statutory Health Insurance market.

Prof. Dr. Igl is actively lecturing, consulting and publishing in the above fields throughout Europe.

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Prof. Dr. iur. Gerhard Igl

Senior Reimbursement Consultant, EU

Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants, CEO

As an expert reimbursement consultant Amir works with organizations ranging from incubator start-ups to publicly traded companies, assisting them with the development of their reimbursement strategies in the US and Europe, their drug/device related value stories and economic models.

Prior to Mediclever, Amir worked for various software, telecom and medical device companies (Jungo Software Technologies, Iamba Networks and SuperDimensions), leading marketing, business development and reimbursement activities.

Amir runs the reimbursement course at the Graduate Program of the School of Business of the College of Management for MBA students with specialization in biomedical management.

Amir holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and Economics from the Haifa University and an MBA from the Tel-Aviv University.

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Amir Inbar

Founder and CEO

Reimbursement Strategy Consultant, USA

Dr. Vincent Jaeger, a cardiovascular surgeon by training, is a consultant specializing in healthcare reimbursement of medical devices, procedures, drugs and diagnostics by Medicare, Medicaid and private payers.

Dr. Jaeger was National Head of the Department of Coverage and Reimbursement at Aetna for 7 years and held the same position at Health Net for 6 years. It was his responsibility to determine whether or not these companies should cover and reimburse new technologies as they entered the marketplace by critically analyzing the medical literature for adequate scientific evidence to prove their safety and effectiveness. He has personally written about 800 Medical Policies and supervised the development of another 800 policies establishing coverage positions.

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Vincent Jaeger, MD

Reimbursement Strategy Consultant, USA

Payer Medical Director Consultant, USA

Ross M. Miller, MD, MPH, FACPE is a seasoned healthcare executive and medical director with extensive experience in the industry, including managed care, pharmacy and therapeutics, medical devices, quality improvement, outcomes research, and population health. In these roles he has had varied and extensive responsibilities for evidence-based evaluation and associated management of pharmacy and medical benefit products, devices, and treatments, including more recent digital healthcare and clinical diagnostics and therapeutics.

Dr. Miller is also a Masters Degree-trained Health Outcomes Researcher with specialization in Health Services Management.

Dr. Miller is a well-published author in peer-reviewed health journals and a national speaker on various aspects of healthcare management with focus on U.S. payer perspectives.

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Ross M. Miller, MD

Payer Medical Director Consultant, USA

Senior Reimbursement Consultant, USA

Since 2003, Dr. Gerald Rogan offers coding, coverage, reimbursement, and compliance advice to health care stakeholders. He specializes in public payer programs, especially Medicare part B. He served as the carrier medical director for NHIC CA Part B Medicare from 1997-2003.

Dr. Rogan holds BA and MD degrees from the University of Michigan. He practiced emergency medicine and family practice for 23 years mostly in private practice in northern California providing a variety of inpatient, outpatient and home services.

He has consulted to the State of California, CMS, and state and federal law enforcement. He has experience in courtroom and deposition testimony, negotiated rule making, CPT and APC applications, public speaking, and writing.

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Gerald N. Rogan, MD

Senior Reimbursement Consultant, USA

Regulatory Services and Strategy

Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trials, and Quality Assurance

Dr. Oz is a clinical and regulatory affairs specialist with more than twenty years of experience in the pre-clinical and clinical research fields.

Orna is experienced in the management of multidisciplinary research groups. She has gained vast experience in project strategic planning, establishment and conducting of animal studies as well as multi-center controlled clinical studies.

She graduated with Ph.D. in Medical Physics from the Tel Aviv University where she published pioneering research in the cardiovascular area.

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Orna Oz, PhD

Clinical & Regulatory Consulting

Strategy Development

Dalia Dickman, Ph.D. is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of successful experience leading innovative medical device companies to product commercialization from inception to sales. With deep industry knowledge, heavily focused on developing and implementing marketable product-driven clinical and regulatory strategy.

Academic background: PhD Technion Graduate– Medicine, Medical Science, Molecular Biology.

Professional Experience: Executive positions in a range of medical start-up companies (VP Clinical/Regulatory Affairs; VP Product; CEO).

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Dalia Dickman, PhD

Full-Cycle Product Strategy

Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trials, and Quality Assurance

Ms. Givony is a regulatory and clinical affairs professional with 20 years of experience in global regulatory and clinical studies of medical devices, including a 7 year executive RA & Clinical Management position at Medtronic.

She specializes in innovative regulatory strategy, FDA premarket submissions, Technical File binder for CE mark, as well as clinical studies planning, approval process and execution.

Ms. Givony holds master degree of Biomedical Engineering from the Technion (Haifa, Israel).

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Dalia Givony

Clinical & Regulatory Consulting

Distributor Allocation, Training and Management

Distributor Allocation, Training and Management

Werner has been working in the medical device industry for 27 years.

Supervising sales in companies like Boston Scientific, and working as a product specialist in a Belgian distributor, enabled Werner to gain substantial expertise in allocating, training and managing distributors in various markets.

At present, Werner leverages his experience and expertise by helping companies engage with, and manage, the most appropriate distributors for their products, taking under consideration the company’s strategic goals, requirements and constraints in each market.

Werner is a registered nurse, fluent in English, French and Dutch (Flemish) and speaks basic German.

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Werner Docx

Distributor Allocation, Training and Management

Distributor Allocation, Training and Management

Rani Shifron is an experienced MedTech and Digital Healthcare Global Business Development Consultant with local trusted BD partners in Japan, Korea, India, China, the EU, and the USA.

With 30 years of experience bringing technologies to market, Rani has managed to mandate the use of technologies in clinical settings through work with strategic partners and local markets.

Utilizing the global ecosystem and local partners, Rani helps companies penetrate into markets. Rani serves as a consultant and acts as a mentor for several companies.

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Ran Shifron

Distributor Allocation, Business Development



Dr. Steven Moore has over 10 years of experience in academic medical research, 8 years in Healthcare IT, and 12 years in the pharmaceutical medical affairs, including Medical Director and Head of the Medical Affairs Dep.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, he either supported, lead, or oversaw teams that launched 6 pharmaceutical specialty products, and 1 primary care product, which included a total of 11 new indications into the Canadian marketplace. He has been a therapeutic expert in several specialty areas and lead programs that included medical education, pharmacovigilance, patient support, medical information, medical grants, nationally sponsored clinical studies, and investigator-initiated studies.

Dr. Moore received his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences (Medical Genetics) from the University of Alberta and he held a post doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School focusing on Cancer Genetics where he spear headed and initiated the Tumor Genome Anatomy Project, now a part of the Human Cancer Genome Project. His academic scientific work is currently cited over 300 times.

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Steven D.P Moore, Ph.D.


Operations and Sales

Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants, Director of Operations

Anat joined Mediclever in 2007 to lead all financial issues and economic modeling services. Anat brings more than 10 years of diversified experience in financial and cost-effectiveness analysis.

Prior to joining Mediclever Anat worked as a Project Manager at IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), where she lead a development and production project in the field of fighter jets, and a Logistic Planner at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (CHKP:NASDAQ GS).

Anat holds a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc) in Industrial and Management Engineering and an MBA, both from the Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva.

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Anat Elhai

Director of Operations

Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants, US Business Development and Sales Manager

Arie Shen has created a diverse and successful career growing companies and leveraging business opportunities. He developed a rich career in managing company ecosystems with suppliers, VARS, customers, advocates and regulators.

His business development skills and sales acumen allow him to identify emerging opportunities and negotiate unique positions for success in multiple markets, including hi-tech, biotech, green-tech and consumer products.

During more than a decade as an executive manager for publicly traded companies, Arie has managed technical professional services and ran P&L operations with sales responsibility. He has operated in many Fortune 1000 sectors, local and federal governments and businesses in the insurance, manufacturing, aerospace, financial, healthcare, sales and marketing, distribution and retail arenas.

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Arie Shen

US Business Development and Sales

Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants, Global Sales and Marketing

Manfred Sablowski is originally from Frankfurt, Germany, and has been a Florida resident for 25 years with U.S. / German dual citizenship.

Manfred is a business professional with 30 years of senior management experience in the Medical Technology Industry where he has been instrumental in managing and growing several highly successful Medical Technology companies, such as Valleylab, a division of Pfizer Hospital Product Group in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, leading the company as its General Manager.

Manfred has brought knowledge of successfully managing Global Sales & Marketing teams, combined with a strong focus on Business Development and operational and strategic market access in the healthcare industry in the USA, Asia Pacific as well as all other International Markets. Manfred has extensive experience in strategic planning, starting up businesses and managing people in diverse cultural environments; he is instrumental in setting up and managing companies to the next level, and in design and implementation of strategic business solutions. He is a known team player with a proven track record mentoring on organizational and management levels.

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Manfred Sablowski, MBA, CEN

Global Sales and Marketing


Clinical and Regulatory Consultant

Dr. Chen-Zion has more than 13 years of experience in the fields of regulatory affairs, preclinical research and clinical trials of medical devices and biotechnology.

Dr. Chen-Zion holds a Ph.D. in Biology with highest distinction from Bar-Ilan University.

In her many years of activity, Dr. Chen-Zion has held various management positions. She served as Director of Clinical Affairs at Topspin Medical, which develops cardiovascular medical devices, and at Neurovision Ltd, which develops software medical devices. Dr. Chen-Zion also served as Vice President, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Director at Optonol Ltd., which develops ophthalmic medical devices for permanent implantation.

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Malca Chen-Zion, Ph.D.

Clinical and Regulatory Consultant

Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants, Advisor

David Furst, MBA - Int'l Business Development Consultant for the Life Science Industry, with local trusted BD partners in India, China, the EU, and the USA.

David has over 30 years of management practice, with 15 recent years in the Life Science industry. In these years David gained an international network, reputation, and strategic observation. Currently David serves as a consultant and acts as a director/mentor for several companies.

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David Furst


Market Access Specialist

Dr. Zicherman is an experienced CEO, clinical manager, R&D manager and marketing manager of innovative medical device companies. During more than 20 years in the medical device industry, Dr. Zicherman gained vast experience in exploring clinical, economical and organizational matches between healthcare providers and medical products.

Recent successes include a licensing agreement, marketing plans and a business development of rehabilitation products and an interventional product. Past experience in clinical studies and evaluations, business development to multinational companies and pre/post marketing and sales of medical products in the US, European and Canadian homecare and hospital markets.

To contact Yehuda, click here

Yehuda Zicherman D.Sc.

Market Access Specialist

Market Access Specialist

Maital Ben-Hur offers a wealth of experience in clinical marketing and clinical affairs for medical device companies. She has more than 15 years of experience, managing publication strategies for product exposure and leading clinical studies pre and post regulatory approvals. As the VP of Clinical Affairs at Optonol, Maital led the company’s EX-PRESS glaucoma filtration device, to worldwide visibility eventually purchased by Alcon Laboratories. Amongst her current positions, Maital serves as the Director of Publications and PR at Valtech Cardio, recently acquired by Edwards Lifesciences.

Maital holds an MPharm degree in pharmacy from Brighton University and Master of Science in Management (MSM) from NYU-Poly.

To contact Maital, click here

Maital Ben-Hur

Clinical Marketing Consultant