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Why Choose Mediclever Reimbursement Consultants.

Five good reasons to work with us.

1. Experience

Our team’s depth of expertise will get your product to market faster - and prevent the mistakes you can’t afford to make.

  • We’ve successfully guided more than 150 life science clients from around the world in commercializing their medical devices, pharmaceuticals and apps.
  • Our firm brings together dozens of the most trusted experts across the U.S. and Europe - including former payer medical directors, public policy specialists, economists and life science executives.
  • Just one mistake in navigating the commercialization pathway can make or break a life science company. With decades of experience, our experts know the questions to ask, the problems to look out for, and the strategies to employ that will successfully bring your product to market.
  • Our company’s executives are recognized thought leaders in the field of global medical reimbursement, publishing frequently in trade and professional journals throughout the United States and Europe.

2. Understanding

  • Our team is headed by former life science CEOs, who have stood in your shoes before. We understand firsthand the challenges that you face - and the assistance that you need.
  • We are deeply invested in each client’s success. Our senior consultants work hand-in-hand with every company on every project, doing whatever it takes to meet their objectives on time.

3. Flexibility

  • Instead of relying on large teams of generalist consultants that work in many areas, we bring together the very best experts most suited to the needs of each client and each project.

4. Support through your entire commercialization pathway

  • We assume full responsibility for your process of obtaining reimbursement, funding, or out-of-pocket payment - from start to finish.
  • Most reimbursement companies refer their clients to another consultant or entity after completing each phase of the process. Mediclever provides one trusted point of contact to manage the entire process on your behalf, overseeing all other experts.

5. Flat fees and concrete timelines

  • Before we begin working together, you will know exactly what the process will be, how long it will take - and how much you will spend in consulting fees.
  • Mediclever’s flat-fee model saves our clients money. Our commitment to clear deliverables and set timelines saves them peace of mind.