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Reimbursement Strategy, Economic Models and Design of Clinical Studies.

Whether you develop a medical device or a drug, whether you plan on obtaining reimbursement or relying on patients' out-of-pocket payments, you will need to demonstrate a clear pathway to revenues and then, follow it. Click for Infographic.
Over 30 reimbursement consultants, with proven experience in medical device reimbursement, reimbursement and pricing of pharmaceuticals, preparation of value dossiers and other value communication tools, performing pricing and reimbursement assessments, creating tools for health economic modeling and developing market access strategies. Click for Infographic.
Mediclever assumes full responsibility for obtaining reimbursement, funding or out-of-pocket payment for medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The process may include reimbursement strategy development, establishment of specific reimbursement codes, payment rates and favorable coverage policies or the development of an economic model to convince hospitals and physicians to finance a certain medical device or drug under existing reimbursement mechanisms. Click for Infographic.
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